Review: Nokia 830, on Telus Mobility.

The First Glance

The Nokia 830 is the last “Lumia” device for the Nokia branding. This phone was release a few months ago, as a mid to flagship device. It sports a lot of very new tech, with some lagging behind as well. But do some of those lagging features really matter? Let’s take a look.

The Specs


Display5.0 in multi-touch display 1280×720 resolution (16:9aspect ratio) at 296 ppi, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Curved Glass (2.25D)

CPU – 1.2 GHz quad ARM Cortex-A7CPU

Battery – Removable 2200 mAh Li-poly battery 

Rear/Front Camera –10 MP PureView with Zeissoptics 1/3.4 in sensor, f/2.2 aperture, LED flash, 1080p video at 30 fps and Front – 0.9 MP wide-angle f/2.4 aperture, 720p video at 30 fps

Storage – 1GB on-board RAM, with 16 GB internal flash, expandable up to 128 GB

Other – Cortana also came out of Beta with this phone, available to now the US, Canada, Australia and India.

Have You Met My Friend Nokia?

If you’re at all familiar with the tech world, you will know the name Nokia. It carries its own memes, where people show how “tough” the original brand really was in the real world. I really feel this aspect of their phones really has stayed true. Even with the acquisition of the Nokia mobile unit, they still keep it feeling like a true “brick” of a phone. Which is actually a really good thing.

I’m an owner of the iPhone 6. I swear it should be able to float to the ground with how light and delicate it is. But it doesn’t unfortunately. Playing the Lumia 830, I’ve grown to feel the lack of that anxiety you get taking the phone out of your pocket to use it, praying you don’t drop it or get it knocked around. This phone is solid.

The Gritty

The Lumia 830, bringing quite the specs to the masses, with a very solid OS seems to please most of the masses. But it doesn’t seem to get the most of the drooling zombies, who follow The Next Best Thing(s), whatever those might be. I like the fact it’s got the amazing camera technology that it has. This is a good thing for the mobile consumer. 10-Megapixels on the rear, with the Zeiss Optics and PureView seal of approval this is an above standard pick of your mobile cameras.

The best way I can describe this phone, is by the people I know who might own it. Like I said, I own an iPhone. Not by choice, but to make my wife happy, I need to have something I can relate to when troubleshooting why something just isn’t working right on her phone. My mother-in-law owns a Lumia. She loves it. It’s simple, and solid. When her grandson visits, she can take amazing pictures and share them a million times through Facebook. She gets this phone because if it’s simplicity and ease of use. That’s the market this phone is perfect for.

Now this phone is not considered Nokia’s flagship at the moment, since there are numbers higher on the model scale. But it does a really good job at fooling you that it really could be. I mean, the lacking part of the phone is the display. Not the size, but its resolution. Let’s be real here, does that even matter? 720p on a 5in screen is perfect. You can’t see any better than that.

The way Microsoft is using the Nokia mobile unit to showcase their versatility to their OS is very appealing as well. I must say I get pretty jealous when they show features that only an Xbox One can do with their Windows phones. But you know they aren’t the type that won’t share their true treasures. *cough* Blackberry BBM *cough*. They shared Remote Desktop with Android and iOS before it was even available on a Windows phone if I recall. That shows a lot.

Finish Rant Here

If I could, I would build an app and make sure it’s on every ecosystem available. But that’s just not how it all works. We need to have the diversity, to give the marketplace new room. If we had everything on every phone available, then no one would the chance to say why their phone is more superior to the next. Now only if they can take this phone to the right market, then we will have a true winner here.


If you’re on TELUS, this is currently $0 in a 2-year term with all the fixins on requirements needed for that price. Or $500 for a no term you buy, we serve kind of situation.

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