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Moto X review and tips

Overall the Moto X is a nice functional phone.
The Moto 360 watch is a stylish timepiece that has some unique features but lacks user input and personalization to really make an effective tool on your wrist.

Moto X

  • Here are a few tips that I picked up and could be helpful.Set your day and night times.It will automatically engage silent modes during sleep time. No more switching modes everyday.
  • Teach it voice commandsYou can teach the moto function voice commands so you can ask it to do things without having to touch it. This is similar to the latest iOS 8 update for Siri.Talk to it, instead of typing.
  •  Moto x will learn your call, I taught mine to activate the voice command when I said “Hello Moto”The more you use it the more it learns your words and phrases.Sometimes it can be a bit sensitive as it would activate when people were talking on the radio in the car for example. Then be asking me to repeat my request. The home screen Google is responsive to the voice command for anything and everything you could imagine from weather to sports or news to gas stations.Predictive text is a nice function that speeds up messages or text input. Since most users also have a cloud integration like Google drive, the interactions that this phone will have for data input are much more than emails and texts. The proximity sensor is nice to have to see if you have any new messages without having to pick up the phone.Size and weight comparable to the iPhone 6. Screen size is within millimeters to the iPhoneThe curved flat black back with gunmetal trim make it notably masculine.The camera has no self timer and the quick capture mode which is supposed to open the camera when you shake it twice never worked for me.


Moto 360 and Android wear
I set up and paired the Moto 360 to the Moto X using the Bluetooth link.The two items linked easily and were quite simple to set up. You select which items or apps the phone will push and then those cards are pushed to the watch.The screen size limits the margins of text of inbound messages and for long emails it was not really usable. It is nice for short texts and emails.


Voice recognition was spot on each time I used it. When a message is inbound it gives you a short vibe and you can flick the message away or select more, or open it on the phone.You can also see an incoming call, but need to answer it on the phone device.The watch has seven different faces, one for each day of the week. It also has a stopwatch, countdown timer, reminder, calendar, pedometer and other fitness functions.The fitness functions are quite basic. If your fitness goals are to be more active than this watch might be able to help you with that.If you want any specific targets for heart rate zones or cardio fitness you will have to go find an app for that. Its fitness goals were for 10000 steps per day and 30 mins of cardio activity and it will track that for you.The heart rate monitor is accurate and keeps a record of your heart rate to compare. For example if you take your heart rate every morning at the same time you will be able to do a quick comparison to the previous day.The battery lasts about a day, and needs an overnight charge once per day. When charging it engages a night mode for bedside table use.I took the watch to another country, and the phone remained with data roaming off, and never updated to local time, despite the “automatically update” function being on Overall a nice timepiece, but I think that Motorola has lots of work to do on the software side of the product.

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