Samsung GALAXY S5 now available for pre-order at TELUS.

With so many new phones being released right now, it really feels as though spring is the unofficial release time for Android phones. Maybe they should even look into giving us some sort of holiday? I would definitely take time off work for that! Until that happens we’ll have to settle for the ability to pre-order our beloved devices. Right now you can pre-order the Samsung GALAXY S5 from TELUS. Plus they’ve even dropped the price on a 2 year term! Previously we communicated that the GS5 would be priced at $249 on a two year term, but we’re excited to tell you that the GS5 is now available for $229 on a two-year term at TELUS. The outright purchase price of $730 remains the same. Just click HERE to go to the pre-order page.

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