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Asus Cube Review

The aptly named Asus Cube was a challenge to review. I struggled at first to figure out to use the remote. It wasn’t as easy as you would think, but my wife and I found it difficult to move the cursor, but eventually figured out to make it move smoothly. It seemed like hurdle after hurdle had to be overcome, to access the apps available with Google TV. I found the user interface to cumbersome, and my wife had trouble trying to figure out to use the OS.  Should be so simple but its takes awhile to figure out!

Once you finally figured out how to get to the apps.  They were hardly any to use! I was so disappointed with the lack of choice and the lack of development.  Its like a a fancy new restaurant that lacks character and  polish.  There is alot of depth missing to Google TV.  the only App we really used was Netflix!  You can use Netflix on almost any device nowadays.  I would have preferred a bigger cursor and bigger, easy to find buttons.  Instead I got a cube that you had to manipulate using a difficult to use remote.

With the development of Smart TV and other TV/internet collaborations.  The Asus Cube is an attempt to get all those people who bought flat screen TV’s, in the previous generation, an upgrade.   Also I would mention with the widely available access to the internet.  I wonder if this technology is already obsolete, as tablets, computers, and mobile phones have already established an easy access to the internet.  I would anticipate that this technology does not have a long future.

What I would suggest to a consumer is to look for the most convenient access to the internet  for them, what ever that is! Mobile Phone, Tablet, or Computer.  But unfortunately Google TV is just not an easy option at this point!  Maybe someday it will be, just not now!


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