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Review: Sony Xperia Z ultra. Exclusively at Bell Mobility. Fad or forerunner?

This review has made me more nervous than anything I can remember. Imagine hearing, and I quote “you can take pictures, dunk in water, shoot video, etc.”. Wait… did he just say dunk in water?? I do my best to return these phones in the same condition that I received them. I don’t do things like dunk a loander phone in water! Right off the bat my heart rate was increasing. It only got worse once I actually got my hands on the device. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra has a 6.4″ screen. Now just in case you are having a tough time visualizing how big that is, it’s 4/8 of an inch smaller than the Samsung Galaxy tab. It’s almost a full inch larger than the Galaxy Note 3. To say that the Z Ultra is a big phone is an understatement in every sense of the word. So let’s take a look at this beast and see if it’s worth your hard earned money or if it’s just a fad.


Like I said, the Z Ultra has a massive 6.4″ screen. Capacitive touchscreen, 16M colours 1080 x 1920 pixels, (~344 ppi pixel density).Like many other reviewers in this crossover category, my initial thought is that it’s too big. In fact, “that’s TOO big!” is usually the first thing out of peoples’ mouths when they see the device. However, once you play with it, hold it, and grow accustomed to the changes that you have to make (like not being able to store it on your person), I think this larger screen is a mammoth advantage. With such a large screen it makes two thumb typing painless. Watching movies, television shows, or catching up with Mobilenorth on youtube is child’s play with this screen. Colours on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra are sharp. The blacks and whites aren’t the sharpest, but overall colours jump off the screen. The screen is very responsive and accurate. When you put your finger on a link or play/pause button the screen is quick to react.


The Sony Xperia Z ultra comes with a non-removable Li-Ion 3050 mAh battery.  According to Sony’s website, these are the stats as follows


    • Talk Time : Up to 14 hours (GSM), Up to 16 hours (UMTS)
    • Standby Time : Up to 790 hours  (GSM), Up to 820 hours (UMTS), Up to 660 hours (LTE)
    • Music Listening Time : Up to 120 hours
    • Video Playback Time : Up to 7.5 hours

Now in the real world the stats are a bit different.  Surprisingly not by much though!  I found that if I turned on the Z Ultra at 6:00 AM in the morning I wouldn’t have to connect it to the charger until 6:00 PM the next day.  That was even with heavy video streaming and lots of web browsing.  The Z Ultra didn’t take very long to charge either.



Most, if not all Android phones come with a native browser. I would suggest that your best option is to download Google Chrome (mobile). Chrome is incomparable and far superior. Browsing on the Sony Xperia Z ultra is marvelous. With so much screen real estate to work with, and such stunning colours due to Triluminos and processing through X-reality, the experience is really only dampered when you need to find a place to store this media powerhouse. Navigating through websites can be done easily once you’ve become familiar with Chrome. Also, there are lots of benefits to be found if you take a few minutes to sign into your chrome browser using your Google account. Chrome will become unnerving in it’s intuitiveness. You may find yourself saying “how did it know that’s what I was searching?”


The Xperia’s camera would be a major attraction if it wasn’t for its gigantic screen. The Sony Xperia Z ultra has a 8mp rear facing camera. It shoots in 1080p at 30 fps. That doesn’t sound too incredible until you hear about the sensational sensor. The Z Ultra camera utilizes the Exmor RS sensor that can allow for a clear picture in most low light conditions. Take a look at the sample photos and video below and you’ll see that it does very well in low light situations. I did, however, find that photos appeared faded when there was a lot of light.



Sony’s Xperia Z ultra is a great media driven device that is powerful enough to handle any task you throw at it! Photos and videos look excellent as long as you are in reasonable lighting conditions. The fact that it is waterproof up to one meter is an added bonus if you are clumsy or working in aquatic environments.
As much as I liked the screen size and all the exceptional built-in features, I found it tremendously difficult to find a safe place to keep this Phablet. Unless you’re willing to carry a Jack Bauer-esk satchel at all times, it’s just TOO big.


  • Great look.
  • Super fast.
  • Media power house.
  • Good Camera.
  • Excellent Screen resolution and video processing.
  • Great battery.
  • Waterproof.


  • TOO BIG.
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  • Ashraf Sorathiya Says:

    Please please tell me what is the customization number on Bell Canada Xperia Z Ultra.You can also find the CDA by dial *#*#7378423#*#* tap on “service info” then “software info” and look at “customization version” if possible plz give a screen shot plz or else get the buildprop from playstore and make a back up of the buildprop and email me plz sir plz i beg you

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