BBM Boss gets the boot?

On February 10th former juggernaut blackberry has announced that Executive VP of BBM, Andrew Bocking, will be leaving the struggling smartphone producers, thanking him for his many years of leadership and contribution. No surprise here that yet another executive is jumping from a sinking ship. Mr. Bocking has been with Blackberry since 2000 starting out as Project Manager climbing his way up the ladder until he took on the task of leading BBM in June of last year. According to public sources, there is no reason for his sudden departure or where he’s heading.
However, what is unconfirmed, is whether Bocking was fired or decided to leave on his own accord. One source of BGR’s, says “he was let go and that BlackBerry is rolling up the BBM group into the enterprise unit and that Mr. Bocking was displeased with BlackBerry as a whole, replacing his personal phone with an Android phone instead of using one of BlackBerry’s products”.

According to BGR, BlackBerry is considering making BBM into its own separate company. Which was rumoured last year when the consistently failing company was for sale. Personally, I think that’s a great idea, separate the two and BBM will thrive. BBM is currently available on BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices with over 80 million downloads, and with the apparent possibility that BBM will be brought to the desktop in the near future, the sky’s the limit.

That being said, BlackBerry has confirmed, via TechCrunch, that the BBM division will be rolled into the Global Enterprise Solutions team, stating “The BBM organization remains as a group within BlackBerry and will continue to focus on BlackBerry and BBM strength in messaging and new areas of strength such as mobile marketing.

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