The Battle of the Keyboards

Typo no-no

It sounds like a really geeky sci-fi movie, but what it really is is another fateful blow to viability of BlackBerry’s keyboard phones.

Recently BlackBerry has filed a lawsuit against Ryan Seacrests company Typo which makes keyboaed cases for iPhone.  Claiming that the design has the look and feel of a BlackBerry phone.  Which in my opinion it does.  Typo is firing back saying that no one can patent the keyboard and BlackBerry is trying to keep a monopoly on keyboard phones.

This fight has three possible outcomes, BlackBerry wins and Typo will have to fold its doors.  Typo wins and BlackBerry will again have to figure out how to carve out  a profit out of this super competitive market.  BlackBerry buy Typo adding to its monopoly.

How will this battle end that is up to the courts, but I would not be surprised if BlackBerry is again caught and made to make changes.

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