Does anyone really use BBM? Really?

Now it’s felt like quite a while since BlackBerry released it’s BBM app for their rival OS’s, iOS and Android. When they first announced this app, people came in droves to the respective app dwellings to download it. So much so that BlackBerry wasn’t prepared and they had to start handing out “rain cheques”. Not only that but BBM QR codes was all you would see on your Facebook feed (Ok I did it too). This seem to show that BlackBerry was on to something.
Now. The dust has settled. We’ve all gone back to our normal lives, and I’m wondering…….. does anyone use their BBM anymore? I mean yes, I do if I’m talking to my friends who have a BlackBerry, but does anyone who is texting with someone outside of the BlackBerry ecosystem use it anymore? My guess is yes! I think They’ve created a viable option for communicating and people will continue to use it even without owning a BlackBerry. So much so that they’re releasing a version for Android’s outdated OS “Gingerbread”. People have been saying that this is a shot in the dark to try and save BBM once again. I say no! This is a company who is seeing a demand for a popular app and they are spreading it’s reach. One thing I would like to see BlackBerry add is a video chat option for the users who aren’t on a BlackBerry. So whether you agree with me or not, BlackBerry seems to be fully behind this product and if you want to debate with someone on the viability of BBM then just add me!!

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