Sony Xperia Z1 Review. (video)

Off the top, this phone is a man’s phone! not that a woman can’t use it.  oh lord what did I get myself into…  in comparison to other phones I have reviewed this phone has the qualitie

s I would be looking for in a phone.  First off its sleek design makes it easy to use and handle.  The one thing I noticed is the plastic on the back easily scratches and is quite slippery and difficult to grip.  but a case would easily solve this problem, please don’t get anything with an animal on it.

This phone is fun to use and super fast and has tons of space that almost seems impossible to use all of it.  I really enjoyed using the App Buzz Homepacks.  This gave the phone a whole new dimension, allowing you to customize your phone to suit your needs in any way possible.  The new Sony Xperia Z1 has alot to offer, i would recommend buying this phone if you can afford it.

I never tested whether the phone was water proof or not, I’ll leave that up to someone who lives on the edge a little bit more than me.  Again the air tight design leads to a sleek solid feel, which in turn leads to a phone that men are going to love.

Camera was fun and easy to use and the AR effects were hilarious at parties and made a great conversation piece and beautiful pictures.

Phone calls were easy to make and the speakers were clear and concise.es at high quality.I would but this phone is a heart beat! make sure your on the right plan to make the most of this phone! Video review to come….. 


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