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Review: Moto X

Today I review the Moto X.  An awesome flagship phone released by none other that Motorola.   Check out my video, or read my brief review below!


As phones seem to be getting larger and larger, the Moto X surprising comes in at the smaller end of the spectrum. Still that does not take anything away from the build quality which definately was on the higher end. Egonomically, it outshines most and the curved shape makes it easy to handle.

With its unibody design, minimal exterior buttons and smooth curves, this phone is an excellent example of a phone suitable for one hand use.

An added feature of this phone is that you are able to customize its look online before you purchase. This is a unique and creative feature that really helps to make the phone your own. You no longer need to search all over for that phone case nobody has, you can customize the phone itself! An awesome selling point, especially for younger consumers.

Hardware wise, you won’t be enjoying the presense of a microSD slot or replaceable battery. However an option of either a 16GB or 32GB model should make up for that.


The Moto X, unlike recently flagship releases, decided to say no to an 1080p display and instead uses a 4.7 inch 720p display. Honestly, you can’t tell the difference from a higher resolution display. The screen looks awesome from almost any angle and is very vibrant. I like it and never found myself wanting ‘more’.


I found that the battery was excellent. I often made it through a day with a decent amount of usage. While not as good as the Moto Razr HD, I still had many moments when I picked up the phone and said “wow, I have THIS much battery left still?”

Kudos to motorola for thier battery management. This phone has the battery life that many of you didn’t know existed.


I find the camera to be the weak point of the phone. For the most part I recieved suitable images, but there were occasions where I would take two pictures of the same subject and get different results. Despite the fact that I was in the same position, one picture would sometimes be crisp and bright, and then the other would still be in focus, but dark. It’s this inconsistancy that sometimes let me down. While the camera is certainly enough for an average point-and-shooter, it will leave enthusiasts a bit underwhelmed.

Luckily, I have heard this is a software issue and and update has already been released to correct these issues.

note: Without thinking, I reset the phone for return  BEFORE making a copy of my test photos! oops!


Final Thoughts

I would recommend this phone to any casual user who wants something that stands out. This phone covers all aspects of mobile technology reasonably well and doesn’t miss a beat. The Moto X served me well for many hours without needing to be charged and it was very comfortable to use.

This phone would definately fall into my list of recommendations and I urge anyone to add it to thier shortlist when deciding on a new phone.

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