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The great debate…… Google TV vs Apple TV.

Which would you choose?

Apple versus Google; the great debate. Regardless of which device, it seems that there is always a comparison of some form between these two. I had the pleasure of reviewing Apple TV and couldn’t help but compare this with Google TV.

    Setup and Applications

Apple TV is a small, sleek unit that fits perfectly in our TV unit. Trying to eliminate “things” in our TV storage unit, I definitely appreciated the small size. Google TV, though sleek itself, is about 3 times the size. Though it does fit with our current media storage unit, this is something you may want to consider when purchasing one of these two devices. When talking about applications, Google TV has access to Google Play store whereas Apple seemingly,does not have access to the App Store. This maybe something to look into if you are considering purchasing one of these devices.

    A Cable Collaboration

Apple TV requires its own input whereas Google TV will hook up to your current cable box. Once I changed the input on our TV, I had the choice of using the apple remote or my phone. Similar to its device, the Apple remote is small and I’m not going to lie, I am sure the small size has contributed to being lost a few times in our living room. Again, the Google TV remote comes in a larger, dual sided size and is easy to use. Both devices work well, though the Apple remote is simple with only a few functions whereas the Google remote comes with its own keyboard and is being marketed as your “one and only remote.”

The Beautiful Perks of Apple
I have an iPhone, so this is just an extension of a beautiful thing. I could sync my phone and view photos and listen to music with ease. I use my phone to capture a lot of videos of our little one and with airplay, I can display videos on our TV. For a cost as low a 5.99, I could rent movies or even buy movies to store for an extra cost. There are TV series, movies and classic movies available. Netflix is popular in our household and the user interface is a unique experience only offered on Apple TV. There is a plethora of music available and sorted into a wide array of genres. Apple TV is also affordable at low price of $99. With the holidays approaching, it’s a great gift idea. Beyond this, an iTunes card is a perfect stocking stuffer idea. There are lots of options when purchasing things to enhance your Apple TV experience.

The Beautiful Perks of Google
I purchased this last year for my husbands birthday and he was elated that this device was now apart of our media setup. Though apprehensive at first, I grew to love Google TV as there was so much that it could do. You can write an email and when using the picture in picture option, can watch TV at the same time. Having an internet browser is a big part of why I love Google TV. As well as using Netflix, I can watch a variety of “free” tv options through the internet. An additional perk of Google is that there are a few applications that you can use and tailor to your needs. When renting movies, the cost is comparable to Apple but if you are ok with watching it in standard definition, you can rent a movie for as low as 4.99. For the gamer in all of us, there are video games you can also purchase.

There’s the fence…where should I sit?
Like anything, this comes down to personal preference. What would you use more? Would you rather check your email while watching the game or would you rather use a device that is an extension of your current Apple device? The diehard Apple users may gravitate toward Apple TV and I hope this review sheds some light on the perks of both devices. For me, paying a slightly high price for Google TV provided access to the internet, a variety of applications and the simplicity of coexisting with our current cable box. In this case, you get more when you pay more. So sit back and think about what you want when thinking about choosing Apple Tv or Google TV. Even though Google offers more, I don’t utilize nearly half of what it offers. For someone like me, who watches Netflix, watching movies and listening to my favourite music already downloaded to my phone, Apple TV seems to be a better fit. Now, for someone like my husband, who watches the news, utilizes all of the business applications and takes any opportunity to include Google TV in entertaining company with YouTube, video clips and applications, Google TV is the perfect fit.
So, in conclusion, it seems that in order for our household to maintain harmony…two devices it is! Apple Tv and Google TV, welcome.

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