Lenovo shows us the Yoga Tablet.

Following in the footsteps of its sibling the Yoga Laptop, you can now own your very own Yoga Tablet for a decent price. The name suits this tablet perfectly as it’s about as flexible as a tablet can get as you can hold it, tilt it or let it stand on its own. Don’t be mistaken though, it gets its swagger from the new product engineer Ashton Kutcher. There is no doubt that Ashton can play a bumbling goof on a hit TV show, however it’s yet to be seen if he can carry a tech giants product line to the promise land of profit.
The Yoga Tablet also boast a 18 hour battery! Running Android, will this be the one Tablet to break through the herd? At a price point of $249.99 for 8″ or $299 for 10.1″, it’s priced lower than the new iPad Air. However, will it be able to take away market share from the seemingly unstoppable Apple Tablet line? Watch the live stream below.


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