Tablet Designed for Seniors

Have you found the perfect Mother’s day/Father’s Day gift for your favorite senior? If you have – return it! If you haven’t, mobilenorth has you covered!

Claris Healthcare just launched their Claris Companion May.7th!

“The Claris Companion combines the best features of a tablet computer, digital picture frame, mobile phone, and passive monitoring device into one elegant package designed specifically for elderly parents at home”

After taking a look at this tablet, I can think of a a bunch of elderly people in my family that would benefit from this new tablet.. Is it wrong that I also kind of want one??

The Claris Companion features:

  • Easy online ordering where loved ones pre-program the companion for the end user before it even ships
  • Large Easy to read font
  • The tablet allows the user to start slowly and add features as they grow comfortable
  • Event/Medication/Appt reminders
  • Video Chat/Email/Text/Photo sharing
  • Check in feature
The tablet even has a Call Me button where seniors can notify a loved one to call them when it’s convenient, rather than them feeling like they are disturbing/intruding on their family members.

The excellent features that set this tablet apart:

  • Large font for the visually impaired
  • Amplified speakers for users that may be hearing impaired
  • Alerts can be sent to care providers/family members
  • Ease of use and how easily it can customized/programmed by loved ones
  • Its always ON
  • No user names, passwords, apps, accessories, etc required
  • you do not require multiple Companions to “talk” to each other
Claris offers a full refund within 30 days if your loved one is not completely satisfied.
In addition to seniors, I could see this tablet being used by anyone with diminishing eyesight, motor skills, hearing, or cognition, no matter the age.


“Claris Healthcare announced the launch of Claris Companion, a digital tablet designed specifically for seniors who aren’t comfortable with technology. The new device helps busy families and caregivers keep in touch with seniors and monitor their wellbeing in a non-invasive way, regardless of the distance.

We’re living in an age when most families use some form of digital technology to communicate, whether it’s email, text, video chat or social media,” said Geof Auchinleck, co-founder and CEO of Claris Healthcare. “Unfortunately many seniors are left out of the conversations because they’re not comfortable with or unable to use technology. This can lead to social isolation.”

About Claris Healthcare: Claris Healthcare




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