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Review: Samsung Chromebook

Samsung’s Chromebook

I’ll admit, I was a bit of skeptic when it came to not only using but loving a laptop that was so inexpensive. Knowing it’s been on the market for awhile, I was eager to review this and see whether it was really as good as it was intended to be. Within the day of its arrival, it became an essential item in our household- almost like it always belonged? All of a sudden, my wife stopped asking for a Mac book and claimed that she changed her mind and wanted the chromebook. The lack of a hard drive only provided me with a sense of security as everything was stored in the infamous cloud. My skepticism vanished and I knew that within days of returning of this item that I would be marching out to get one of our own.


Though the Samsung Chromebook is easily comparable to an average tablet, its look is comparable to the MacBook Air weighing in just under 2 ½ pounds.


The Samsung Chromebook is designed for avid Google users and may take some getting use to if the user is familiar with other mainstream keyboard layouts. The ctrl and alt buttons are larger, which makes common Google commands easier to complete. The cap lock button is replaced with a search icon, which immediately brings up the applications. Having no function keys, the Samsung Chromebook has a row of keys above the numbers that serve as basic functions. A quick tutorial will quickly show new users its functions with ease. Being a smaller keyboard, there was a slight learning curve in utilizing the smaller keys.


The trackpad is located below the keyboard. The silver pad is not labeled but designed to be multi touch. To be honest, it took some getting use to and there is room for improvement. The trackpad requires one to use a two finger touch to scroll up and down as well as using two fingers to double click to preform the common right click function. There is no pinch to zoom function on the track pad but with its simplicity does make it easy to use for everyday functions.


The screen has a matte-finish LED display with a native resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. I have no complaints with the resolution based on its 11.6 inch screen. I found the images to be clear and colour was crisp.

With everything that makes the Chromebook popular like being light and easily transported, the screen is only 200 nits. (measurement for brightness) Comparing this to the MacBook Air that boasts at 354 nits, it comes in mediocre.

Even though the Chromebook lacks a graphic card, the video images and sounds are pretty good. High definition streaming video plays well though darker scenes are not the clearest. It has two 1.5 W stereo speakers and I had no complaints as sounds are full and loud.


The Samsung Chromebook is built for the typical “Google” user. It doesn’t offer traditional applications as it runs the Chrome OS. It caters to web-based applications that built within the Google ecosystem. It does come with apps already built in like the Chrome web browser, Google maps, gmail, YouTube, Google calendar, Google drive and a basic calculator app. Of course, you do have the option of downloading a variety of apps from the Chrome Web store.


The Samsung Chromebook is built for users who are familiar with Google based applications and who would use it for basic functions such as word and surfing the net. It is portable, light yet only offers 16GB of internal storage. Before users become weary over this, remember that users do have 100GB of free Cloud drive storage for two years. As I mentioned earlier, this quickly became a favorite in our household and though not for everyone, it’s serves well with what it offers.

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