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Review: Nokia Lumia 620

    Review: Nokia Lumia 620

Have you ever bought some sort of technology for your grandparents? You know that hope that they’ll get it and use it, but you know they will just end up frustrated and put it in their drawer never to be seen again!


The browser was very different, it would give a black background for web searches but would give me what I was looking for. I wish there was a way your phone would be able to determine the best font size to read web pages. Some were so small I didn’t even know which page I was on. The camera was easily accessible, and clear. But this may be a screen thing which was very clear and easy to use.

That’s how I felt using this phone it just had this old feeling to it, its small, it looks cheap, and has a windows 8 operating system thats a couple years behind its competitors.


This phone lacks pizzazz and intrigue, there is nothing special about it. Other than Windows 8 which lacks development and apps. The apps are copycats from other devices, and are second rate in most cases. In the time I used this phone I struggled to use it, I eventually just used the hot spot to power my other devices!

    Bottom line

If you just want a smart phone to say you have one than this is the phone for you. If you are going to get a phone on a contract you might as well go for something a lot nicer than this phone! I give this phone 4 broken windows out of 5!

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