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Review: Motorola Razr HD LTE


The Motorola Razr HD LTE is a third installment of this brand of smartphone. Borrowing it’s name from a beloved and iconic clam shell device that still hold the record for most clam shell devices sold to date (130 million). We had the pleasure of reviewing the original Android version of this phone and if memory service me correctly I believe the only real complaint was battery life. I would like to thank Motorola Canada for giving us this phone to review. So let’s dive into this device and see what we have on our hands this time around.

Vevlar back


The Motoroal Razr HD LTE has a 4.7″ Super AMOLED HD Display, 720p (720×1280). Now, although this sounds huge, and don’t get me wrong, it is! it doesn’t feel too big in your hands, nor does it hinder your ability to text or browse with one hand. With send messages being a none issue on such a big screen you are able to focus your attention on all the prime multimedia browsing screen real estate you have at your finger tips! When I was reviewing this phone I barely found the need to pick up my tablet. With such rich colours and no real indication of colours being washed out, you can enjoy this screen indoors or out. Nothing is worst then spending a big chunk of money on one of these smartphone just to find out the you can barely see anything when your outdoors. The Razr HD will not leave you cursing at all in this department.


Normally when I’m doing a review I will set the photo’s taken with to thumbnail size. With the Motorola Razr HD LTE I decided to show you how nice it shows up when it is roughly half the size that it was saved as. Very clear and crisp. Nothing is over exposed which is great considering the lighting that I had when taking this shot. The Motorola rear facing camera has 8mp and front facing camera is 1.3mp.


This device shoots in 1080p as well as does playback in 1080p. I found the video to be very clear and crisp just like the still shots. One issue that you can see from the Sample video about is stabilization. The camera had a very difficult time stabilizing the images of the cars when they were moving and I was moving at the same time. Though this issue went away once I stopped moving.

Well Built

    Battery Life

Seeing that it is an LTE device and it has a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, I’ll admit that I wasn’t holding out hope for the battery life on the Razr HD LTE. But with a Non-removable Li-Po 2500/2530 mAh battery, Motorola’s tag line of an “all day phone” was not far off the mark. The Razr could easily make it 8-9 hours (heavy use) without needing a charge.

    Operating system and UI

I usually hate when companies try to bake something on top of Android such as MotoBlur, Touchwiz and HTC Sense… actually HTC sense is ok. With that being said, Motorola has done an outstanding job with the Motorola Razr HD LTE. I found that “smartactions” was very useful and something that I was using them on a daily basis. Basically, smartactions automates things that you do everyday. For example you can set smartactions to go into driving mode once you plug your headphones into your device. Drive mode allows you to auto reply texts or calls, goes directly into GPS mode and leaves a handful of personalized apps open that you may want access to while driving (e.g. mp3, soundcloud or Sirius) Sleep mode allows you to do things like puts your phone on silent after a certain time of night, only allows important call through.
I really liked the circles widget as well. Have time, weather, battery life and settings all in one widget was brilliant. I can’t believe no one else has thought of this before!
The UI is very fluid and easy to navigate. The touch screen is very responsive. I was able to upgrade to Android Jelly Bean (4.1.2) while using this phone and with the added power of Google Now this operating system is my personal favourite!


This will be the first time I’ve ever done this but….. GO BUY THIS PHONE! especially if you’re thinking of getting the Galaxy S4 or the HTC ONE. This phone is a couple of months old so you’ll probably be able to get it for quite a low price on a 2 or 3 year contract and it’s going to be just as capable as the two phones I just mentioned.


  • Great screen
  • Very well built
  • Good Camera
  • Amazing UI/OS experience
  • Great┬áproprietary apps and widgets




  • Unstable video camera


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