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Review: Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro

I have reviewed this Samsung for the last two weeks and I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed its versatile use. Basically it’s a laptop and tablet in one and with this, will appease to anyone who prefer one over the other. You can use simultaneously and therefore, enjoy the pros of each one while browsing, viewing and working on be whatever you are using this for.


The tablet portion of this device is solid even though it is made of plastic chassis. I personally found it heavy but not so much so that it’s uncomfortable as it weighs approximately 2 pounds. The 11.6 inch frame allows for images to be clear though viewing fonts was not as ideal as hoped for. . Personally preferring the laptop version of this, I naturally veered towards using the keyboard but enjoyed switching to tablet version whenever needed. Similar to any tablet, the fingerprints left over from ongoing touching will require cleaning it; especially if switching back over the keyboard version. Pending on your preference, the screen, though solid, allows you to tilt it to optimize your screen view. AT times, I did not that there was inconsistent touchpad.

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC offers full HD resolution and decent colour saturation, which makes watching video clips and viewing photos clear and crisp. The brightness is noted as being slightly lower than your average tablet,; measuring in at 329 lux.

Keyboard and S-Pen
We did not receive the S-Pen for this trial and therefore, am unable to comment. As for the keyboard, it did take some getting use to. Fortunately, the keyboard is included but I found that smaller “shift” key and spacebar caused ongoing frustration when using it but with time, I am sure one would get use to it. Removing the keyboard was simple as there is an eject button in the top middle portion of the keyboard.

Operating System
With Window’s 8, people familiar with this operating system will love the compatibility with this model; especially when using common apps such as Photoshop and Microsoft word. There
are a variety of interesting apps that are available
Battery Life

I found the battery life to be quite close to the noted time of 14.5 hours. When watching videos,. the battery life is noted to be just over 10 hours. I found that this more than enough to get me through the average workday but keep in mind that when running multiple applications, that you are conscience of the battery life.

I was impressed with the integrated cameras on this model. It has a 2-megapixel front facing camera that I found ideal for video chats but appreciated the 8-megapixel rear shooter. The only downfall that I noticed that due to the size of the tablet, it is an awkward to hold when taking pictures. Though different megapixels between both cameras, they shoot 1080 p videos. Verdict

If you can afford this pricey product and appreciate the versatility of this model, the Samsung ATIV Smart PC may be for you. I loved the multiuse function of this and would compliment anyone working on the “go.” It’s ideal for travel and working between multiple places. In summary, Samsung attempts to combine the both of tablets and laptops into one fine product and for what it’s worth, I think they did a fairly decent job!

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