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Review: Nokia Lumia 920 (Video)

Hello Mobilenorth!

This is Rebecca from PNE Parties and Events and I had the pleasure of helping out my friends at Mobilenorth.com and reviewing the Nokia Lumia. Before I begin, let me explain my review process. I’m going to be evaluating and ranking the Nokia Lumia in 3 different areas. All areas will be given a rating from 1 – 10, 10 being the highest possible ranking, and therefore, extremely desirable. Unlike the reviews from some of the more technologically-inclined reviewers, I know nothing about the phone’s hardware or operating system. I have no idea how the text gods and email fairies carry my endless messages through the universe at such an alarming rate – like mach speed messenger pigeons.

I am, however, a wedding and event planner and know what works for me. I am never without my phone and rely on it constantly. I care about how it looks, and I care that it does what I want it to do, when I want it to do it.

Much like the woman who hears about a friend’s purchase of a new car and immediately asks “what colour did you get?”, I care about the appearance of my phone. The Nokia Lumia has a sleek appearance with a large display (measuring just over 4 inches). To many, this would be extremely desirable; however, being only 5’2 and having a small frame the size of this phone is quite cumbersome. On top of that, the outer shell has a smooth plastic coating which is quite slippery. There isn’t quite that ease of handling when texting like you might find with a smaller phone. Having said all that, the phone is quite slim and easily slides into your pocket or purse.

Ranking: 5
Perhaps if I had larger hands this Lumia might have won me over in this department. But the risk of dropping and mishandling the phone due to its size was simply too stressful and frustrating. This ranking doesn’t bottom out because I did appreciate the sleek, black appearance of the phone, despite the size.

I like a phone to be intuitive. If I’m in a consult with a potential client, I like to have easy access to anything on my phone whether it be photos of previous work, dropbox, or contracts. While the goal of Windows 8 is to maximize accessibility and centralize all apps and programs, some of the apps are less than ideal. In a lot of ways, it feels like Windows 8 is trying to create a budget version of Apple apps. For example, Windows 8 amalgamates all of your contacts in a “People” app. The app feels unfinished and redundant. I would rather control the format of my contacts, but Windows shows you a contact’s photos, messages, and anything else that might be related to that person. It just feels unnecessary. Don’t even get me started about the Facebook app.

I’m not a fan of live tiles; truly just a preference. I like streamlined organization, files, and symmetry. The usability of this phone, because of Windows 8, makes this very difficult.

Ranking: 3

Unfortunately, I have to give the usability a 3. This is really more a reflection of my dislike for Windows 8. My computer also has Windows 8 and I always bypass immediately.


The Lumia’s main saving grace (in my opinion!), is the Carl Zeiss lens. As a wedding and event planner, I take pictures of all my work and I wouldn’t hesitate to use this built-in camera to document my events and build my portfolio. 8 MP and lots of options. I was able to take quite a few really nice pictures without having to play around with all the features and settings. I imagine you could take absolutely INCREDIBLE pictures if you took the time to figure out the settings and use them appropriately.

I found the battery life of the Nokia Lumia to be quite impressive. This is something extremely valuable to me as the last thing I want is to be in the middle of a wedding and have to frantically search for an outlet to do a quick charge! The first weekend I had the Lumia I was away from home and was unable to take the phone with me. I left on a Friday and the phone was still kicking on Monday. Now, obviously it wasn’t being used during this time, but that’s still an impressive standby battery life. The active battery life as respectively impressive. It wasn’t uncommon to still have 40 or 50% battery life left at the end of a day – minimal to moderate use. Definitely worth every penny in this department.
The phone’s sound (both during calls and on the speaker) was OK. Nothing impressive. Nothing to complain about.

Ranking: 8
This was (BY FAR) my favourite area to critique and in my opinion, the phone’s strongest area. I hope that gives you a bit of insight into the Nokia Lumia. As much as I enjoyed testing out a new phone and reviewing some new features and systems, I cannot say that I would personally purchase the Lumia. For me, the fact that the phone is bigger than my face and hands (respectively) goes a long way. I suppose my dislike for Windows 8 seriously affected my opinion as well. Regardless of what I think, if you’re a Windows 8 fan and maybe not a small-framed individual, this phone could definitely be the phone for you. Check out my video review of this phone and take a look for yourself!
Part 1.

Part 2.

Rebecca Minaker
PNE Parties and Events

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