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TomTom turns a Swiss army knife into an Excalibur!

Whenever anyone is asking me questions regarding whether getting a smartphone is the right choice to make I always use the analogy of the swiss army knife and a smartphone. A smartphone is very similar to a Swiss army knife, it has a bunch of features in one easy to carry device. Swiss army Knife has scissors and a smartphone has an mp3 player. Swiss army knife has a spoon and a smartphone has a camera. The downfall is that you give up some quality in order to have the quantity. Nothing on a smartphone work better than its stand alone gadget sibling. That being said when TomTom asked me to review it’s app for Android devices I was a little skeptical on whether or not they could make it worth while to pay for something that you have on your phone already…. and it’s free.

Check out the video below to see what my thoughts are.

  • John Says:

    I am sure it is an interesting review, but as I am at my desk at work, all I can see is someone waving their phone about, most of the time, on the same screen, so the video isn’t being used to demonstrate the good/bad points.

    Can’t I read a review, This is not a helpful way of presenting information, or do you take the view this is beyond the attention span of your readers?

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