LTE Playbook coming to Bell???

One of the things that I love to do while watching Bachelor pad, America’s got talent or Teen mom is investigate all the carriers websites to see what devices they got their hands on or what offers they have for us.  Well as soon as I found out that bell was going to announce the LTE network I started poking around.  Nothing out of the ordinary, they have a 4G LTE Sierra Wireless U313 Turbo Stick, and just a side shot of what looks like a Motorola device of some sort, oh and a BlackBerry PlayBook….. wait!? RIM hasn’t (officially )announced a LTE PlayBook yet…. Wonder if this is a bit of foreshadowing on the part of RIM and Bell about the upcoming release of sister device to the poor selling BlackBerry Playbook, or is it just a harmless photo of a device that they needed to fill the page with?  What do you think?

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